translation services


 At RM Lingo,  our professional translators render the message of the Source Language, with appropriate style and terminology, in the Target Language; their native language.

At RM Lingo, we get it right, we help you get the most out of your translation budget; our team of professional translators guarantee you a high quality, accurate, flawless version of your text.  

In addition to “rewrite” or “adaptation” translation we offer “for- information” translation which generally refers to accurate yet unpolished work, it can generally be produced faster and more cheaply than for-publication work. Our team will help you select the most suitable service based on your needs. 

For your convenience, RM Lingo arranges a pre-translation meeting with your in-house staff in order to prepare a foreign-language version with the maximum impact for your particular audience and medium. During the meeting our representative will work closely with your in-house staff to go over the 5 factors of smooth translation which will help determine the style, pronounce-ability, word choice, phrasing and sentence length;

1- What your text is for and what you want it to achieve?

 2- Who is your audience?

3- Where will your text appear?

4- Which kind of translation is right for you? 

5- How much of the original text actually needs to be translated?   

To ensure accurate translation

 For optimal translation services, it is important to provide a reasonable deadline and share important resources with us such as:

  1. A bilingual version of your in-house glossary
  2. Only one focal point of contact (PoC) from your in-house staff.



“RM Lingo has provided us with a qualified team of seven in addition to an overall supervisor for quality control; to ensure that all translation and interpretation, both written and verbal, is maintained at the highest standard at all times.”  

“Our heavy workload is again dealt with in a time conscience and efficient manner. In all RM Lingo has shown an exceptional professional ability.” 

“From a personal perspective RM Lingo's professionals are highly likable with a very perceptive understanding on how to mix with and manage people in an easy but effective way. In light of my words above I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending RM Lingo to you.”