Interpreting Services

Simultaneous Interpreting


 In Simultaneous interpreting the speaker and the interpreter talk at the same time, with the interpreter slightly lagging a few words or seconds behind the speaker. 

We usually use this format for conferences, events, and lectures. We provide you with the appropriate number of interpreters and the needed equipment (soundproof acoustic booths, pocket-sized receivers that use a radio or infra-red frequency).

We also offer you a portable electronic system with microphones and headphones. This is particularly handy when interpreting for a large group on a tour or, say, a noisy surrounding. 


Consecutive Interpreting


 In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes turns with the other speakers, as in a Q&A session.

We usually use this format for interpreting by telephone, for many meetings, for some medical consultations and for certain training and legal proceedings.

Depending on the size of the room and audience equipment may be needed. Please be advised that such events will always take longer than usual—up to twice as long because of the stops and starts. Please be sure to factor this into your schedule.   

Sight translation


 Sight translation

 In sight translation, the interpreter orally translates a written document, with little or no preparation. This is usually to relay key information and allow a meeting or other session to proceed.

We mainly use this format in the legal, medical and educational systems, to understand documents submitted in foreign languages.

In a community care setting, critical documents can describe program policies and legal rights. Our team will gladly advise you whether this format is suitable for you.   

Client Testimonials


"RM Lingo has provided us with simultaneous, high quality translation for all high level ceremonial, meetings and for the delivery of the twenty central lectures (all delivered by influential Palestinian and International Guest Lecturers). Guest Lecturers have a unique vocabulary linked to military command, and it has been essential to have RM Lingo in place who understands the specific language and provides essential continuity."

“RM Lingo's outstanding professionalism in everything they did, coupled with their likeable and charming personality, would be a exceptional asset to any client. I congratulate RM Lingo and wish them good fortune.”

"The Arabic co-ordination and liaison with the Palestinian security services and other organisations is another area where RM Lingo's corporate knowledge has come into its own as a high-value, intangible asset."


"From a professional point of view, and in all that RM Lingo has done and achieved whilst working with us, the performance has been outstanding in every respect."

"There can be no question that RM Lingo has worked very hard indeed to make our program the success that it undoubtedly is."


To Ensure the Success of your event


 For optimal success of your event, it is important to share important resources with us as soon as possible, such as:

  • Written names of speakers, sponsors, and people who will be acknowledged.
  • Speakers’ biographical information.
  • The type of event we will be interpreting: outdoors, indoors, keynote, or workshop.
  • The event's agenda
  • The total number of participants and the number of people needing interpretation
  • The size of the room(s).



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