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Founded in 2003 by Ms. Rawan Manna,  RM lingo, a woman owned and operated business that has turned into a fully fledged, award winning, full-service interpreting and translation firm. Our services are designed to offer each client principle-level customer care, and extensive customized services that are unmatched in the industry.  RM Lingo is recognized for top notch quality of its services, and its commitment to social responsibility. 

At RM Lingo, our experience is different so is our perspective. Our firm understands the intrinsic structure of both the Arabian and Western cultures and refers to our vast and real experience to resolve most of the issues in the field. 

Our firm is not your typical interpreting or translation firm because we are not only multi-lingual, we are professionals who understand the language as well as the culture behind it!  

When approaching your project, we will first analyze the scope of work and then assign a specialized professional capable of effectively solving any issue that may arise. When working with your organization, our professionals will actively look for details that may have been overlooked, if any, and advise you on different tips to enhance your event and bridge the cultural gap.   

At RM Lingo, our interpreters clearly outline the structure of your meetings and prepare you through your entire event from start to finish. Our firm is committed to keeping our clients by achieving positive results every time!  

During our combined in-house experience of well over forty years, our firm has had the chance to work with the most influential regional and international organizations operating in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Clients count on our commitment to providing world class services. 

RM Lingo has a large network of affiliate partners and strategic partnerships worldwide to better serve our clients in line with our commitment to excellence. Our expert interpreters render top quality simultaneous interpretation services for multiple language combinations; from and into English/Arabic/French/Italian, to our clients in the MENA region, Europe, and the United States and Canada.  

We take genuine interest in understanding our clients' objectives and needs in order to continually meet and exceed their expectations. UN agencies and the United States Security Coordinator, have been among our satisfied customers, we encourage you to contact us and see for yourself why we are considered among the very best in the industry!

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"Quality is the best business plan"


  RM Lingo is a full-service Interpreting and translation firm. Our services are extended all over the Middle East, Europe and North America. RM Lingo serves a diverse clientele covering multiple sectors.

At RM lingo we understand the essential value of accurate communication to our clients. The key to our outstanding services is the quality of our interpreters and translators as well as the efficiency and reliability of our quality assurance system.

Our professional interpreters and translators are widely recognized among the best in the field, and many have held prestigious positions in industry, associations and public service.


We provide solutions!


 We provide more than language services, we provide language solutions. RM Lingo Services can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions, and work hand in hand with you to decide on the best possible solutions for all your interpretation and translation needs.  

We always exceed your expectations!


"Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends and loyalty begins"